Bikini/Wellness Suit Rentals

Rental suits are available for Bikini & Wellness Categories only. They are not custom made and cannot be altered other than tightening or loosening hips. Rentals are best suited for new competitors that are not wanting to invest in purchasing a suit, or those who want to work within a lower budget but still want all the glam.

How to Determine sizing on Suit Lady Rentals?

Top sizing is based on having room for enhancement for natural clients and having approx 2/3 Coverage for implants. This is only a guide and there is no guarantee as everyone's shape is different.

used competition suits, consignment bikini

Bottom sizing is based on glute measurement of 37"

This is only a guide and appearance will vary as everyones shape is different.


All Rental Suits are also for sale (as long as they arent reserved) and prices are reduced based on use.. if you are interested in purchasing one of these suits, please contact us or visit the "Consignment Page" or "Ready-To-Ship Page" where they will be listed when available for immediate purchase.


Top size: B/C Bottom size: Mini


Top size: C/D Bottom size: Mini


Top size: B/C Bottom size: Mini


Top size: B/C Bottom size: Micro


Top size: C/D Bottom size: Mini


Top size: C/D Bottom size: Micro


Top size: C/D Bottom size: Micro


Top Size: B/C Bottom Size: Mini


Top Size: C/D Bottom Size: Micro Euro


Top Size: B/C Bottom Size: Micro

How it Works? 

   Rental suits are available for any Canadian residents only and are booked on a first come first served basis.  Suits will not be held until the $100 security deposit is received. This deposit is refunded to you when the suit is returned to us on time. It is non refundable and non-transferable if cancelled for any reason or if the suit is late being returned. 

   Once booked, the rental fee $250 (+shipping if needed) will be due at the time the suit is ready to go approx. 1-2 weeks out from your show date. The suit is due back by the following Friday after your show. 

   All rental suits are pictured below with sizing... please refer to the size guide below and if you need help confirming the best size for you, please email us and we would be happy to help you the best we can.

  In Town Clients - If you would like to book a suit for your show, we recommend making an appointment if possible to come try on the available suits and reserving your choice. Email us at with your show date to book a time.


  Out of Town Clients - If you are interested in renting a suit for your upcoming show, email us at with the item numbers of the suits you like as well as your show date/location and we will confirm the availability and complete the booking.