Mens Custom Bodybuilding Trunks

Please follow steps 1-2 below to select your fabric and enter measurements
Custom trunks are ready to ship in 3-5 business days

1) Select your Fabric and add measurements below: 

*Please be aware of your federations rules and regulations before choosing a fabric. Some federations require non shiny material for the pre-judging which you can use for both or get a second shiny pair for the evening show.

Solid Spandex: 

*This is a non-shiny fabric and is allowed for any federation


*This is considered a non-shiny fabric and is allowed for any federation

Shiny Spandex: 

*These are the shiny fabrics if your federation allows for it

2) Measurements: 

*Please click the image below and enter all measurements required

Custom Trunks Measurements

Custom Trunks Measurements


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