Esteem Sport Waist Trainer/Cincher

Sport Waist Cincher

The Esteem waist cincher is perfect for training to maximize your results! Made of high quality hypoallergenic latex on the outside and cotton on the inside, it will increase your perspiration, tone your belly and make sure you eliminate toxins while offering total comfort. Wear it in the training room, doing your housework, or under your clothes every day!


  • Increases thermal activity and perspiration helping to eliminate toxins faster

  • Defines and sculpts your waistline

  • Tones your abdomen

  • Wear it while exercising or during your daily activities

  • Ideal as a postpartum sheath to regain its size

  • Helps with your posture and your back problems

  • Good back support for physical training

  • 3 rows of fasteners

  • Made of hypoallergenic latex on the outside and cotton on the inside for maximum comfort

  • Made in Colombia

Sizing is based on your natural waistline which is roughly 3 fingers above your belly button at the smallest part. If you are in between sizes, take the other measurements into account for deciding as well as how quickly you are dropping inches if you are in prep. The waist trainer is very tight when first done up and will relax and adjust to your shape while stretching about 1" making it more comfortable for daily wear and working out. 
A few key things to know:
1) You dont need to not be able to breathe for it to work! As long as you are pulling it at all to do it up.. its working... it will never be as tight as it is the first time putting it on.
2)  Wear it on the loosest hooks for at least 1 week to allow it to adjust... forcing it onto the tighter hooks wont make it work faster, it will just make it stretch out.
3) Its a gradual process and you will likely work through multiple sizes... keep the old one for use in the gym rather than throwing it away and your new one will last longer. 

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