Pre-Set Suits for $399! 

bikini competition suit, wellness bikini, figure suit

Perfect for anyone that has a hard time visualizing the finished product. These suits are custom made but offer a streamlined order process.

These are fabric/stone combinations that always look beautiful on stage.. Select the look you love and choose selections to make it your own!

If you would prefer to customize everything from scratch,

visit the custom bikini section of our site!

You will be asked to select the cut/coverage you want for your suit.. check your show rules before choosing!
**Appearance is approximate as all glutes are different shapes and she is plastic ;) **




Micro/Pro Shape
Butterfly Shape
V Shape 
For Shows With Strict Regulations 
1) Suit Selection:
Select your choice, customize, and add to cart!
Stone Combination may very slightly in order to keep each suit original
3) Optional Enhancers:
Select your choice and add to cart!
Suit will come with triangle forms for shape but does not come with the enhancers.