This Style has the arch to accentuate the glutes which curves around the glutes and runs down the length of the leg in black or white.. if you would prefer not to have this line please specify below.


The waistband being dark helps to accentuate the small waist but can be whatever colour you like.


Please select what colour you would like for each section below.

Colour Block

  • Custom boardshorts are made to order based on your measurements and requests and therefor are a final sale. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 

  • If choosing a light colour, you will need to be more careful when pulling the shorts on and off as to not get tan on them. The tan can leave a mark or stain on any fabric which will show more on light colours.

    This is especially important for anyone doing multiple categories in which your thighs are glazed and it doesnt dry.

    If you do get tan on your shorts, rinse them with cold water to remove as much as possible and use a mild detergent if needed. Most tans are water soluble and most of the mark will come off with water.. oil based tans are more likely to stain permanantly.