This style has the ankle strap for those that prefer it.. Keep in mind there is no option to remove it.

Most competitors find they get annoyed with the strap once they are comfortable walking in the shoes so we recommend the 102 with the removeable strap for more versatillity. 

3/4 platform

5" clear heel.
This style has a rubber sole for grip


*Not Approved for shows that require no platform*


C$89.00 Regular Price
C$35.00Sale Price
  • After your show... use a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser to clean of surface tan from the sole and plastic

  • If unsure of sizing.. measure the length of your foot in centimetres and compare to sizing below. You want the sole to be just slightly longer than your foot measures.


    Size 5 - 23 cm
    Size 6 - 23.8 cm
    Size 7 - 24.3 cm
    Size 8 - 25.2 cm
    Size 9 - 26.1 cm
    Size 10 - 26.7 cm
    Size 11 - 27.5 cm

    Size 12 - 28.2 cm

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