This pattern uses clear crystal stones and they are placed in a row along the edge.

Bikini bottoms do not get outlined around the legs, and figure bottoms the line is brought to a point in the front and back. 


The first suit pictured is $50 in stones having 1 row outline around the suit.

The second is $100 having 2 rows outline the suit. (example is just for the outline, does not include scattered stones)

Single/Double Row Outline

PriceFrom C$50.00
  • We let you determine your budget for crystals, which makes every suit unique and custom designed for you.


    Depending on your budget, the pattern will be more or less dense in stones. We will place the stones accordingly to give you the best bling for your buck! 

    Please make note of any special requests otherwise we will choose what we think compliments your suit best :)
     eg.  only crystal and no coloured stones, specific colours wanted etc.