Competition Shoes

After stocking dozens of styles in the past, we've narrowed down the styles to the most comfortable and easiest to pose in which became our best sellers.
*Be aware of your federations rules if there are any*
All Shoes are a 5'' heel, if you are unsure of size please measure the bottom of your foot in centimeters by standing on a measuring tape and refer to the measurement guide in the details of the style selected.... you want the length to be just slightly longer than your foot as the plastic will stretch. 
For a wider foot, they can be stiff to put on but the plastic stretches as worn and your foot will slide in further so the length is most important, wearing a nylon sock (provided) will help your foot slide in and they will stretch quickly as they warm up.
If you have narrow feet, we recommend to add the removable straps for extra security or using a ball of foot pad to tighten up the front and keep your foot further back in the shoe.
It is common for your toes to come over the front edge of the platform shoe once it stretches.. this is something nobody notices in photos and only on their own feet but is very common. You can add a ball of foot pad to the front which will tighten up the opening and not allow your foot to slide forward as much.